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New #crochet project means new #Audible #Audiobook.

Fattoush salad with chicken and feta yaaaaaay

Up at 6am on a Sunday for no goddamn reason (read: neighbours screaming in the parking lot)? Leftover sushi it is. #sushi #fuckmyneighbours #whyamiawake

"Feed me or lose a digit, human." Roman demands breakfast. #catladyproblems #cats

First audiobook I’ve ever finished. Also one of the best hard sci-fi novels I’ve ever “read”. #themartian #wooaudiobooks

I was way too cute to live. #tbt #80sbaby #whatisupwiththatwoodpaneling

One of my all-time favourite photos of us. We joke that it’s proof I wanted to strangle her even then. #MothersDay #MyMomIsAwesome #80sHair


If Linda did write that book, here’s what it might look like.

A collab from Hector Reynoso, Anthony Aguinaldo & Paige Garrison.

I know so many parents I would gift this to… anonymously.

(via ohsoang)

Replace Spoons with one of my five cats and the spider with any spider, ant, centipede, or other critter-that-wanders-in-cuz-i-live-up-against-some-woods-and-get-the-weirdest-fucking-bugs-ever type thing and you get my life.

Anyone remember the name of this 80s/90s game? Randomly thought about it today, but can’t remember if it had an actual name. #nostalgia #thereneedstobeanappforit